SA 210 C

SA 210 C
ASTM A210 is the standard covers seamless medium-carbon steel boiler and superheater tubes.

ASME SA 210 Grade C Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes are Medium Carbon Steel Tubes with max 0.35 % carbon content with combination of 0.29-1.06 % manganese.

These Tubes are most commonly used for general purpose applications worldwide. ASME SA 210 Grade C Tubes are ductile and strong Tubes with long wearing properties.

These Tubes are manufactured as per ASME Specification and commercially referred as carbon steel Tubes.

Chemical Properties:

Carbon: 0.35 Silicon: 0.10
Manganese: 0.29-1.06 Nickel: n/a
Potassium: 0.035 Chromium: n/a
Sulfur: 0.035 Molybdenum: n/a

Mechanical Properties:

Tensile Strength:

ksi: 70

MPa: 483


ksi: 40

MPa: 276

Elongation in 2in. or 50mm, min. %: 30

Max. Hardness Rockwell B: 89

Equivalent Designation

DIN 17175 Grade 17 Mn 4 NFA A 49-215 Grade TU 48-c ASTM A210 Grade C ASME SA 210 Grade C

ASME SA 210 Grade C specification covers several grades of minimum wall-thickness, seamless, carbon-molybdenum alloy-steel, boiler and super heater tubes. Recommended pipe size will be developed by FerroPipe upon receipt of your inquiry. A print or sketch of the part to be produced should be included. Grade, chemical analysis and surface condition are carefully considered, and production processes are tailored to achieve the best tubing for the end use.

In addition to the marking specified in Specification A 999/A 999M, the marking should have the length, an additional symbol -S-, if ASME SA 210 Grade C Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes conforms to any of the Supplementary Requirements S1 to S6, the schedule number of the pipe is ordered to a schedule number viz. SCH 5,10,20,30,40,60,80,100,120,140,160,XS, XXS, STD, and the heat number of or manufacturer-s number by which the heat can be identified as per ASME SA 210 Grade C.

Wall Thickness : the minimum wall thickness at any point or end on ASME SA 210 pipes and tubes shall not be greater than 12.5% under the nominal thickness specified.

Inner Diameter: For pipe ordered in inside diameter, the inside diameter shall not vary more than ñ 1% from the required/specified inside diameter.

The Manufacturer shall provide Material Test certificate of inspection to the purchaser stating that the material has been manufactured, sampled, tested, and inspected in accordance with ASME SA 210 Grade C( including year of issue), and has satisfied all the requirements of ASME SA 210.

Pipes and Tubes manufactured as per ASME SA 210 Grade C are certified with En 10204 Type 3.1/3.2. IBR,NACE,HIC,IGC,IMPACT are adhered as supplementary testing requirements.

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