Wear-resistant ceramic ring composite steel pipe

In the electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, cement, paper-making and other industries, because the conveying medium for conveying equipment wear-resistant requirements are relatively high, ordinary steel pipe cannot meet the actual use needs, which requires better wear-resistant conveying equipment.

Wear-resistant ceramic ring composite steel pipe
Ceramic lined inner details
Alumina ceramic sleeve lined straight pipe
Ceramic lined inner details
Alumina ceramic sleeve lined pipe bend

For different production environments, our company has developed a wear-resistant pipe for a variety of media, based on the temperature, wear and corrosion requirements of the field media, and for the initial application of the scene, our company to provide wear-resistant ceramic ring for the Lined composite straight pipe design to meet the on-site wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance requirements, in view of this program for the new design (formerly ceramic chip technology, there are many gaps, easy to wear).

For the convenience of customers, are to provide a more specific process is as follows:
  1. Removing rust and decontamination process of outer-layer steel pipe;
  2. Must be in strict accordance with the prescribed ratio, the binder a\b accurate measurement, with how many, must be stirred evenly, full stir-mixing must not be less than 4 times, such as adding a mixture of the embedded feed should be mixed with the binder and then add the mixture to stir up not less than 3 times;
  3. The binder is applied evenly on the inner wall of the steel tube to ensure the thickness is not less than 0.5mm thickness. Then apply the binder on the outer surface of the ceramic ring to ensure the thickness between the 0.5mm-1mm. Also in the ceramic ring side (with the ceramic ring contact with the corresponding surface) Daub 0.5mm Adhesive, to ensure that after the installation of the ring and the seal between the ring;
  4. After the installation of the ceramic ring in place, it is necessary to repair the gap between the assembled ceramic rings and mend the joints to ensure the sealing between the ring and the ring;
  5. According to the NPT standard, we process the two pipe ends of male and female thread processing. The end of the pipe processing, and processing 1x45° groove, to prevent on-site installation in the process of cutting the hands of construction workers, do a good job of safety protection measures, thread processing, need to brush oil to protect the thread;
  6. After installing the ceramic ring, check the internal surface of the ceramic ring of the formation, finishing in place, cannot move the position of the pipe, because the binder is not dry, vibration is easily caused by the displacement of ceramic rings, affect the use of the effect of cold weather in winter, binder drying time is longer, need to ensure more than 48 hours.
Machining internal Thread
Machining internal Thread
Machining external Thread
Machining external Thread
Thread Angle Details
Thread Angle Details
Measurement of thread size
Measurement of thread size
Connect with steel pipe
Connect with steel pipe
Acid resistance(24H)
Acid resistance(24H)
Paint process:

After the ceramic ring in the pipe is installed and the thread is processed, the dirt outside the pipe is cleaned, and the outer surface of the pipe is treated with three layers of anticorrosive paint to meet the export requirements.

Measuring thickness of ceramic layer
Measuring thickness of ceramic layer
Measuring length
Measuring length

Abrasion resistant pipe using steel skeleton packaging, and the two ends of the pipe with plastic head, to prevent dust and rain into the pipeline inside, to ensure the beauty of the product.

Well packing by bundle
Well packing by bundle
Mark on the bundle
Mark on the bundle

Relevant technical introduction of wear-resistant ceramic ring

The wear resistant ceramic ring is a special kind of ceramic with Al2O3 as the main raw material and the rare metal oxide as the flux, which is melted by high temperature at 1700 oC.

Ceramic lined inner details
Ceramic lined inner details

1. The wear-resistant ceramic ring has the characteristics of smooth interior wall and super wear resistance. Widely used in chemical, fine powder conveying pipelines and other industries, with high wear-resistant and anti-corrosion functions.
2. In accordance with the traditional process, the production of wear-resistant ceramic ring is mainly the use of hot-pressing casting or grouting molding. Adopting isostatic pressing forming technology, the ceramic ring with isostatic pressing is better in compactness and more accurate in ceramic size.
3. At present, our ceramic ring lining pipeline in the silicone industry, chemical industry, fine powder conveying industry has been widely used.

Ceramic Tubes
Ceramic Tubes
Technical index of wear-resistant ceramic ring:
Item Data Note
Al2O3 (%) ≥95%  
Density (g/cm3) ≥3.65g/cm3  
Strength (MPa) 1030  
Flexural strength (MPa) 212  
Impact toughness (Kj/m2) 10.2  
Hardness (HRV) ≥85Mpa  
Elastic modulus (GPa) 304  
Expansion coefficient (10-6/℃) 6.6  
Acid resistance(24H) Stability Test solution :
Alkali resistance(24H) Stability Test solution:
Technical index of binder:
Item Data Characteristics of binder
Density (g/cm3) 1.32
We use the Australian Megapoxy high strength structural adhesive, this structural glue is modified epoxy resin polymer, anti-aging ability, and wear-resistant ceramic bonding to form a strong and cushion of the anti-wear layer, cured water, anti-corrosion performance is excellent, toughness, displacement-resistant effect is remarkable.
Megapoxy binder
Compressive strength (MPa) 40
Shear Strength MPa 26
Impact toughness Kj/m2 10
Hardness HB 9.5
Elastic Modulus GPa 2.2
Expansion coefficient 10-6/℃ 20.1
Softening temperature℃ 263
Coking temperature℃ 335
Acid resistance(24H) Stability Test solution : 15%H2SO4
Alkali resistance(24H) Stability Test solution: NaOH
Suggested Usage of the Ceramic Tile Lined Pipe:
Ash Pipe & Elbows Add-Mix Transport Lines Coal Piping Clinker Chutes
Chutes Coal Conduit Lining Coal Handing Chute Lining
Fan Lining Pulverizer Housing Liner Coal Mill Pulverizer Cone Lining
Bumer Feed Pipes Classifer Cone Lining Cullet Chutes & Hoppers
Cyclone Lining Downcomer Pipe Lining Coal Mill Exhauster Lining
Fan Housings Drag Convey or Lining Coal Mill Pulverizer Lining
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Properties of the Ceramic-lined Steel Composite Pipes >>
Ceramic (Corundum: a-Al2O3) lined abrasion resistant straight pipe and fittings are lined with highly abrasion resistant ceramic by SHS ----Characteristics of SHS self-burning ceramic composite pipe

Standard and identification of Abrasion resistant pipe

Abrasive Applications

One-hundred-twenty-nine-million tons of coal ash—a byproduct of the coal burning process—is produced every year.

Classification and designation of wear-resistant pipes for power industry

Most power plants transport the coal ash in liquid form to large surface impoundments or in solid form at landfills near the facility through long lengths of steel piping, which can range in length from several thousand feet to miles.

Application of Abrasion resistant pipe

Abrasion resistant pipe applied in coal-fired power plant ash and slag discharge tube, powder, powder tube, desulfurization pipeline,in addition also widely used in the following industries:


Because the outer surface behaves like mild steel, the product can be cut and welded with proper procedure in the field, configured into a variety of fittings, and can accept the standard end options of flanges, weld rings and couplings.


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The warranty is determined to each creator and the maximum duration maximally in service. Should any of the RS fail within the warranty period, We'll replace or repair the defective product (s) at No. end user. Please contact the Sunny steel for details on the How to obtain a warranty for our products.


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